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Use Parabola to optimize your advertising spend, automate your repetitive tasks, and create custom reports.

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"With Parabola, I can automatically send scheduled reports to my customers about the performance of their social media posts. We're a small team, so Parabola has been critical to letting us scale."

Benny Rubin, Owner
Que Content

Enhance your ads management now:

Automated keyword generation for ad campaigns

Receive an email report of the top keywords from the Search Terms Report that have not yet been added to your account.

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Get a daily list of accounts that are budget constrained

Surface alerts when your top spending campaigns have been budget constrained any time in the past twenty-four hours.

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Advertising CPA via Google Analytics goal completions

Link your Google Analytics goal completion data to ad spend to calculate CPA.

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Unified view of multi-channel ad spend over time

Combine performance data from Google, Facebook, and other channels to get clear picture of how much you're actually spending on ads.

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