Tame the processes between tools, vendors, and customers.

Forget the knowledge gaps, CSV downloads, and manual workarounds: get your team into Parabola and on the same page.

“Cleaning and analyzing customer survey used to take me one whole week per survey with eight surveys per year. This Flow is going to save my life, and let me do way more frequent research.”

Samantha, Senior PMM @ Parachute
Samantha, a Senior PMM from the eCommerce company Parachute
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Offload even your most custom workflows

A Parabola Flow showing a few cards and several steps. The Flow is getting data from Shopify and sending it through custom data transforms.

Offload even your most custom workflows

  • Build a data workflow just once, then run or tweak it whenever your team needs to. No more wasted time or manual errors.
  • Use transform steps to replicate complex hands-on tasks.
  • Run a Flow on a schedule, or to run when triggered by an email or a webhook.

Create a shared source of truth for every process

A Parabola Flow showing cards that explain how the different parts of a process work. One of the cards contains Steps as well.

Create a shared source of truth for every process

  • Explain your most complex workflows right where you build and edit them.
  • Collaborate on Flows with other Editors, and let Viewers see the end results.
  • Run a Flow on a schedule, or to run when triggered by an email or a webhook.

How Ecommerce Ops and Marketing teams use Parabola

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Ecommerce Operations Flows


Ecommerce Marketing Flows

User Stories

An image and title featuring Parabola user Samantha Wong, a Senior PMM at Parachute.

Parachute started with one task, but is quickly becoming best-in-class automators

Parachute sells bedding and home goods with a strong online and retail presence: being a growing direct-to-consumer shop makes them a great fit for Parabola.

The team started with just a few Parabola automations: the first Flow already created hundreds of hours of savings, so their teams are finding new ways to organize process, handle their own data, and save time.

An image and title featuring Parabola user Kelsey Stimson, a Launch Analyst at Fulcrum.

Fulcrum supports dozens of customers by building out custom Parabola Flows

Fulcrum signed up to Parabola in 2020: over a year (and hundreds of Flows) later, the Fulcrum team sees Parabola as a core competitive advantage.

By allowing them to launch and onboard customers four times faster — and by freeing up their Engineering team in the process — Parabola has solidified a partnership with the savvy operations team at Fulcrum (

An image of Mollusk Surf Shop's COO

Parabola unlocks e-commerce business solutions without developer support

Joseph Childress, COO of Mollusk Surf Shop, has limited developer resources. He is constantly forced to prioritize the business problems to solve with his developer's limited bandwidth. Parabola helps him address the remaining business problems and has allowed him to deliver solutions to his team that he wouldn’t have been able to build and deliver before.