Revenue operations

Prioritize strategic sales initiatives over manual processes

Use Parabola to scale go-to-market motions effectively, activate your customer data, and automate the repetitive work.
"My RevOps team spent countless hours completing repetitive, manual tasks that were critical to running the business. I wish we had a tool like Parabola to shift our focus from the tactical to the strategic."

– Mark Znutas, former VP of 
GTM Strategy and Ops, HubSpot
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Bring your customer data together in one place

Scale complex processes, make fewer errors

flow pulling salesforce leads and formatting data

Scale complex processes, make fewer errors

  • Document complicated workflows where you build them and easily share with teammates.
  • Avoid knowledge gaps and disruption with Flows stored in a central, accessible location.
  • Control how your tools communicate so you have the right data in the right place at the right time.

Build your own internal tools with logic that matches your process

parabola table with account health column highlighted

Build your own internal tools with logic that matches your process

  • Capitalize on product data that drives revenue by building Flows that send timely Slacks or emails triggered by customers’ in-product actions.
  • Predict and reduce customer churn by generating customer health metrics using product and CRM data integrations.

Increase automation on time-consuming work

workflow aggregated leads and combining data

Increase automation on time-consuming work

  • Build Flows that automate anything from territory assignments to commissions calculations.
  • Surface actionable leads by filtering and prioritizing ones that meet certain criteria.
  • Schedule Flows that generate custom reports for KPIs and business metrics.

Leading PLG companies are choosing Parabola to automate RevOps

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No two RevOps teams are the same. Commission structures differ, data stacks vary, intent indicators are custom–the list goes on. This limits the effectiveness of traditional enablement tools.

Parabola was built to enable operators to seamlessly aggregate data across sources and surface actionable insights to the right people at the right time.