Level up your email marketing efforts

Use Parabola to create custom lead scoring, automate drip email campaigns, and send personalized messages.

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"Parabola took us from a company that used very basic, widely-accessible personalization tokens in our prospecting outreach to what we now call 'hyper-personalization', with less effort and better output than our competitors, all while saving us over 5 hours per week."

Kes Thygesen

Co-founder and CPO

Automate your marketing now:

Create and manage a custom email drip campaign

Manage a drip campaign using Parabola and send this data to Google Sheets.

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Customize messaging based on seniority data

Use Clearbit to create custom, targeted messaging.

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Quickly clean and deduplicate email lists

Clean a list of email addresses, remove duplicates, and ensure they are all formatted correctly (with an '@' symbol, and no '+' extensions).

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