A new way to run Parabola flows

Parabola flows can now be run with the click of a single button, from the inside the flow, or on the flows page.

A new way to run Parabola flows

Today, along with a few other product improvements, such as better CSV exports, Scheduling, and new pricing, we are debuting a new way to run flows in Parabola. This will make using Parabola more seamless, and will improve the experience of using our newer features.

Think of your flow like a program

Flows, which are shown on your flows page, can now be run with a single button. In the old way, you used to have to wait for Parabola to make all of the calculations in your flow (when you loaded the page), and then manually retrieve the CSV exports, or manually push the data to any connected exports, such as Google Sheets or Salesforce. Now, you simply click the run button either from the flows page, or from inside your flow. When you press it, the data inputs will be refreshed, calculations made, and exports pushed. Since CSV exports now push to your email, you will find that data on a secure link we email to you.

It's as simple as that. No more manual exporting your data. For example, you can update your salesforce leads with data from analytics, email tools, Salesforce itself, lead forms, and more, send the highest values leads to your inbox, all with a single click. Take that one step further, and have our cloud servers run that flow for you, using the new Scheduling feature, every day at 5pm.


As always, if you have an questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me.

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