Introducing flow scheduling with Parabola

Schedule your flows to run and export data from the cloud. Set it and forget it.

Introducing flow scheduling with Parabola

Parabola enables anyone of any technical level to easily automate their data tasks. Today, we are giving you even more power, be releasing flow scheduling.

Set it and forget it

With flow scheduling, you can set any flow to run on a schedule, in the cloud, without needing to initiate the execution. We will automatically run any flow that you set up to run on a schedule and email you a summary of the results.

Automation + Scheduling

You can set schedules to automatically run any flow that you have built. When a flow runs in the cloud, it will pull in fresh data from any of your live sources, process that data through your flow, and export the results to any exports that you have linked up. Connected services, like Google sheets or Salesforce, will receive their data, and any CSV exports will be emailed directly to you with a secure link to download. You could:

Send a list of the highest value signups to a sales manager every week Update your CRM from your outbound email tool (or vice versa) every hour Update a report in Google Sheets with the top performing lead magnets and blog posts for your marketing team every day Read more about how you can use scheduling to run automations to save you time and expand your reach through email marketing automation or sales ops automation.

How to add schedules

Flows can have multiple scheduling rules, allowing you to create complex run intervals for your flows.

  1. Go to the flows page, and press the clock icon beneath the flow that you would like to add a schedule for
  2. Click Add Rule on the left side of the page
  3. Set the days, intervals, times, and time zones
  4. Hit save and you will see when the next run is scheduled for that flow
  5. You can also view historic runs for the flow on this page


Start automating with Parabola
Parabola is free to use for teams of any size. We also offer paid plans with additional features and support.