Parabola's New Pricing

We are rolling out new pricing, which adds value and clarity to our plans, and announces some awesome new features.

Parabola's New Pricing

Important news: we've just changed our pricing. It's now a better reflection of how folks use Parabola, and simpler to understand.


Parabola is now available in 4 different tiers:

  • Free
  • Startup
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Each tier has been created with specific users and use cases in mind, so that anyone can find a tier that is best for them.

Check out the pricing page here →

No changes for existing paying customers

First and foremost, existing paying customers will be able to keep their legacy pricing. If you'd like up upgrade to the new version of your existing plan, or move up/down, you can easily do it from your billing page. If you'd like to keep your existing plan, you are welcome to do so as well.

A new Free tier for anyone

One of our largest pricing requests was for a free tier. There is a whole segment of folks who really like our tool, but only need it for small flows or occasional one-off's. Previously, as much as we wanted to serve this segment, it was difficult. With this new pricing, however, we can easily support anyone who needs a more powerful tool than excel, but does not have a lot of data to push through it.

The Free tier comes with unlimited flows and users on your team. You get the basic transformation and integration objects, giving you the power of the core Parabola engine. This tier is limited to 20,000 rows per calculation, and 100 object runs per month. Most small data sets are well below 20,000 rows, and 100 object runs is enough for most small or one-off flows. This tier does not have any scheduling available to it, but you can always trial a higher tier to try out the higher-end features.

Although you cannot run a flow on the free tier that uses premium transforms or integrations, you can still build out flows that utilize these objects to see how they would work. You will see a preview of the calculations that they make, and can build out a flow that would work at a higher tier.

Startup tier - more data and more calculations

The Startup tier is designed for users who hit the limits on the free plan. Most people with multiple flows, or recurrent flows, will run into the limits of the free tier. The Startup tier is for those who are using Parabola to create real solutions and want light scheduling. You get more rows per calculation and more object runs per month. These limits reflect the usage incurred by people who come to us after hitting a performance wall with Excel. Most small business data sets will fall under the row limit, and the object runs limit is more than most people with a couple of flows running on a schedule will use.

Business tier - serious automation and integrations

The Business tier is great for most established teams who need more complicated integrations and/or a decent amount of scheduling. So that you don't have to worry about data limits, rows per calculation is increased to 2 Million, and object runs per month is increased to 150,000. Premium data transforms and integrations give you access to importing and exporting your data from any of your favorite tools, including Salesforce. If you don't see the integration or transform that you need, reach out to us and we will work out what you need. Those upgraded integrations and data tiers allow folks on the Business tier to take full advantage of our scheduling. Things like automatically updating Salesforce from many sources on a schedule are possible at this tier.

Enterprise tier - large teams, big data, and custom solutions

The Enterprise tier comes with virtually any level of customization, as you would expect. Any integration, data size, or run schedule can be quickly accommodated with Parabola. This tier is good for large teams who expect to use the tool a fair amount, or teams with Big Data sized data sets. You get SLA's, custom limits, dedicated infrastructure, training and consulting, Single Sign-On (SSO), enterprise level support - the whole package.

Pricing FAQs

What are object runs per month? When you run a flow, and it has 3 objects that make up the flow (e.g. an import, a row filter, and an export), then you have just used 3 object runs for the month. The limit is per team, so if you have 5 users on Parabola, all of their flows contribute to your object runs count when the flows run. The count is only taken when a flow runs, so you can have as many object on your screen while your are building out your flow and experimenting. The count will only increase after clicking the run button, or running the flow on a schedule.

What are rows per calculation? Each object that we have accepts data as an input, usually from other Objects. The limit on rows per calculation means that no Object in your flow may ingest more rows than allotted on your tier. So if you are on the Free tier, and importing two tables with 15,000 rows each, you would not be able to concatenate those tables on top of each other, as the resulting table would contain 30,000 rows, which is above the 20,000 rows allowed on the Free tier.

Who contributes towards my Object Runs count? Object runs are counted at a Team level. If you have 5 team members total, all of their flow runs contribute to the count of object runs for the month for your team.

How does Scheduling work? Scheduling is managed on the flows page. Once you build the flow that you would like to schedule, click the clock icon beneath it, and set up one or many rules to create the schedule. Your flow can be set to run at any interval (appropriate for your tier). Once a flow runs, you will receive an email with a summary of the flow run, any issues that came up, and what export actions were performed. You will also be able to check run statuses on your flows page from that same menu.

What are Premium Integrations and Transforms? Premium integrations allow you to connect to existing tools that you have. Connect to services like Stripe, Salesforce, or Google sheets to import and export your data. These work alongside Scheduling.

Can I trial another tier? New users can access the Free tier of Parabola at any time, and opt-in to a 14 day trial of a higher tier. Existing users can trial one tier above their current tier, once.

What kind of help do I get with setup? The tier you are on determines how much support you will receive. Business and Enterprise tier customers will receive priority and assistance setting up their flows. The exact extent of that assistance is determined on an account by account basis.

As always, if you have an questions or comments, please feel free to reach out directly to me.

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