Automate your tedious data cleaning process

Use Parabola to autonomously complete previously-monotonous data cleanup tasks.

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"To do this manually without Parabola, it would have taken one employee over four hours to check all 130 machines just once. Our Parabola flow does this check for us on all of our machines every ten minutes."

Bob Love

Chief Technology Officer

Streamline your data cleanup now:

Find overlap in multiple lists

Deduplicate across two or more list of items using Parabola's Find overlap step.

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Quickly clean and deduplicate email lists

Clean a list of email addresses, remove duplicates, and ensure they are all formatted correctly (with an '@' symbol, and no '+' extensions).

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Separate first and last names

The Split names step lets you extract first and last names from a list of full names.

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Extract product names, SKUs, descriptions

The Extract text from column step helps to wrangle messy and jumbled files.

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Validate and add missing zip codes

Use the Google Maps API to quickly append zip codes to a list of addresses.

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