Send to Geckboard

Send to Geckboard

Power your dashboards with automated data


Create and share dashboards in Geckoboard, powered by Parabola

Geckoboard turns data into beautiful full screen dashboards to share, display on a TV, or present to your team. With our Send to Geckoboard step, Parabola flows can automatically update the underlying data of your dashboards.

Merge and process multiple data sources

Parabola's drag-and-drop flow builder gives you the power to define the exact steps needed to process your data. Merge multiple data sources, enrich them, use custom aggregations, and more to unlock the full potential of your dashboards.

Send data from unsupported sources to Geckoboard

If you have data you want to visualize, but it exists outside of Geckoboard's integrations, you're in luck. Use Parabola to send data to Geckoboard from any service with an API. Can you visualize all of the visualizations you can now make?

Automatically update your dashboards

Once your Parabola flow is set up and connected to a Geckoboard dashboard, you can set a schedule to have Parabola automatically send fresh data to your dashboard whenever you like.

Possible Use Cases

Read more on Geckoboard's documentation page!

Connecting Parabola to Geckoboard

This integration uses the Datasets API for Geckoboard. When adding a new widget, you will be prompted to choose a data source. Choose "Datasets" and choose the appropriate set.

You cannot send more than 5000 rows through this Send. If you find yourself running into this limit, we suggest using the "Row filter" step or grouping your data to reduce the number of data points. A graph with 5000 entries is fairly unreadable.

If you are sending date data, it must be in YYYY-MM-DD format, which you can achieve using the "Date formatter" step.

Be sure to only send the columns that are needed by Geckoboard by using a "Remove columns" step.


Enter a name for the Dataset that will pass through to Geckoboard.

Choose the data type for each column you are sending. Note: if you want to make a line chart, you must have a date column.

Automatic Send

If you set your flow to run automatically, Geckoboard will also be updated automatically.

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