Send Emails

Send Emails

Send emails row by row, with data merged into the email

Send emails automatically

Its not revolutionary, it just works. If you have a list of emails that you need to reach out to, use this step.

First, you select a column that has emails in it. This column can contain cells of single emails, or of emails that are concatenated with a comma. Cells that have multiple emails in the same cell with create a single email that has all of the recipients on it - like a thread.

Then you can type in a subject, a body, and set a reply-to email address. Since these emails come from you may want to add your email as the reply-to, so that replies come back to you.

You can merge values in from your data using the traditional method in Parabola of wrapping the name of the column in {curly braces}. That lets you create emails that are more personalized, in an automated way.

Emails are sent as one per row, and have a little signature appended that says "Powered by Parabola"

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