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Square item sales summary

Automatically track the daily breakdown of quantity sold and sales of each item you sell through your Square payment processing account.

Square item sales summary

Do you need this flow?

If you use Square to process payments, it is useful to analyze the sales of each item you sell to determine which are contributing most to your overall sales and see how sales differ between locations.


Knowing which items are providing the most sales may help you better prepare for inventory, determine which items to keep or phase out, or which items to promote.

How the flow works

This flow connects to your Square account to pull in transaction and line item data for each business location you want to analyze. It then merges the data for all locations together and filters out only item sales from the last day. Then, it uses grouping to determine the quantity sold per item, total sales per item, and percentage of sales compared to all sales. It does a similar comparison for each category of items and each location. Finally, it formats the data, pulls in location details from Square so each location will have a name, and exports the data to CSV.

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