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Data security FAQs

Parabola empowers people to automate their repetitive, manual data tasks and easily access important business data across their various services. We take data security very seriously here since our customers trust us with important, potentially-sensitive data.

Where do you host your servers?

Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the US and we utilize their best practices for cloud and data security.

How is my data stored?

We always pull in data on demand from your sources when processing flows. When we do so, we immediately flush any older cached data from our system. We do cache your data to make building flows faster, but we clear that cache after a maximum of two weeks.

For static files that are uploaded from your computer such as CSV, Excel, or JSON files, we encrypt these files  in transit so they are secure.

Where can I review your Terms of Use?

You can access our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy at anytime from the footer of our website. In short, we don't sell any customer data and we don't use it for anything other than improving our service. The only data we do share with third parties is in pursuit of delivering the service (ex: cloud infrastructure providers), for analytics to help us improve our own product (ex: Google Analytics and Amplitude), or to comply with laws, protect your rights, or otherwise fulfill business obligations.

Who can access my flows?

By default everything in your flow is private to you unless and until you add a team member as a collaborator on your flow.

With your permission, our Support Team can get read-only access to help you troubleshoot your flows, but we have strong controls in place to prevent anything happening without your permission.

Is it safe to connect my other tools to Parabola?

We're careful to protect all of your data. We're extra careful with particularly sensitive data such as authentication information. We use industry best practices to accomplish this such as segregating authentication data into its own database table within our secure cloud and restricting/logging access.

Furthermore, the only requests/connections to your other tools we make are those you tell us to via your flow. Requests are only made when either editing or running a flow.

If you ever decide you don't want us to have access to a given tool anymore, you can either revoke our access from inside that tool if that tool allows (e.g. by deleting the api key, removing our OAuth access, etc.) or by deleting all of your flows in Parabola that connect to that tool.