Recurring metrics emails, automated

Fetch analytics and payments data, summarize it however you like, and let Parabola send your team a recurring email to keep them all on the same page.

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"I am so glad I've found your app...I'm in a situation with my business where I can't afford a good developer but I also don't have the time to learn programming... Parabola is the PERFECT solution."

Bobby, President

Automate your repetitive tasks now:

Intercom customer engagement summary

Calculate user engagement from Intercom and post to Slack with a summary.

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Weekly summary of active user growth

Calculate your active user growth from Amplitude and send a weekly email.

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Weekly ARR summary

Calculate ARR using Stripe data and send a weekly email summary.

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Daily Shopify sales summary

Receive a daily email summary of the last 24 hours of sales from Shopify.

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Receive a weekly sales summary email

Generate sales reports so that you can understand your most important sales metrics and improve sales efficiency.

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Start automating with Parabola

Parabola is free to use for teams of any size. We also offer paid plans with additional features and support.