Save time and work smarter using the most powerful Shopify automation tool.

Enough with the spreadsheets, CSVs, errors, and repetitive manual work: automate and document your team's Shopify data tasks in Parabola.

A Parabola flow in actionA powerful Parabola flow

Bring your ecommerce tools together

Connect your Shopify store to other tools and Shopify apps. You can even move data through CSVs, emails, and APIs.

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Automate Shopify with Parabola

Ways to use Parabola

Sales reporting

Bringing your tools, models, and revenue together automatically

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Marketing reporting

Automating routine reporting around ads, emails, and other marketing

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Customer management

Keep customer information up-to-date, and engage with custom user segments

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Inventory management

Connect the dots between your stock, partners, and customers.

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Connect tools and data

Merge data from multiple sources, move info from one to another automatically.

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Automate Shopify with Parabola

Ecommerce is complex: use tools that maximize your time and effort

You work hard to keep your ops running on time: merging orders, checking ad spend, handling special requests, and fixing errors ... but it all just takes time.

Using Parabola, you can connect your ecommerce tools, automate tasks, and handle complex processes, so that you start saving time instead of spending it. Then, you can shift your focus to the things that really deserve it.

Route custom orders for fulfillment

Automatically choose a shipping provider

Analyze ads with Shopify sales

Analyze ad performance using Shopify sales

Filter and tag Shopify orders, and send a report

See our Recipes to see what other ecommerce pros are building in Parabola.

We’re trusted by ecommerce companies, large to small

Our ecommerce customers innovate with Parabola to manage complexity and unlock productivity in new ways. See our Recipes and Community to see flows they’ve shared.

“Parabola has saved my team hours every week while also keeping the management team more in the loop about day-to-day operations"

— Joseph Childress, COO at Mollusk Surf Shop

“Parabola has been our light in the dark. We went from 0 to 100 in a week. No code needed, no developer or data scientist hired, just quick access to all of the information we required.”

— Robert Walker, VP of Growth at UMZU

“Parabola is incredibly flexible, and the ROI on your time saved is huge. Can’t recommend it enough.”

— Rich Henson, Digital Marketing Consultant for Rumble Coffee

"I'm a marketer and I love the empowerment that Parabola provides me to be my own analyst and developer"

— Reid Sheldon, Head of Digital Marketing at Volcom

“It’s amazing how much more efficient you can be ... ever wonder how much time you waste clicking buttons on a computer all day, when you could be focusing on building your business instead?”

— Dylan Beasley, Inventory and Operations at Proof Bread

“Parabola has made the mundane, cumbersome and tedious data transform tasks easier to deal with ... one of the best tools of its kind.”

— Albert Wu, Ecommerce at RebelBod

Certified by Shopify

Our app is certified by Shopify and available in the Shopify App store, and our 5-star app rating speaks for itself.

Data security + privacy

We don’t sell data, and our tech and policies keep yours safe. Any data you process in Parabola is only pulled on demand, and is cleared from our servers frequently.

Build with an expert

Whether it’s a question, an onboarding session, or help building a specific flow, we’re here to help over chat, Zoom, or email.