Pull from Copper

Pull from Copper

Pulls your data to Copper via their API

What is the Pull from Copper step?

This step is meant to pull data from your Copper CRM. Use it to pull in any data that they support in their API, which is extensive and easy to use.

What you will need to make the Pull from Copper step work

Copper CRM has a simple and powerful API that anyone can use to interact with their CRM data.

You will need to get an API Token from your account. To generate an API Token, in the Copper web app go to System settings > API Keys and click the CREATE A KEY button.

You will need to use your email in this Pull from Copper step as well, if you are the one who generated the token. If someone else generated the token, you'll need to have their email address on hand.

How to get the Pull from Copper step working

Once you have your API Token and the email address of the person who generated it, do the following:

  1. Double click to open up the Pull from Copper step.
  2. Scroll the settings on the left down until you see the 4 Custom Headers. They look like cards with two fields in them.
  3. Replace the value of the first Header with your API Token
  4. Replace the value of the second Header with the email address you have
  5. Click Show Updated Settings

After completing the above steps, you should see some data coming through! If you are getting an error, perhaps the token or email is wrong. Reach out to us if you need any help with setting up this step!

How to get the data you actually want

Check out the Copper docs are here.

This Beta step comes with an example to show you how to pull some leads form Copper's Search Leads endpoint. Notice that its POSTing to the Leads Search URL, and sending a Body that looks like this:

    "Sort rows step_by":"name"

Those parameters are describing how Copper should perform the search. What if you wanted to find all of your leads in Boston? You would use this Body:

    "Sort rows step_by":"name"

Look through their docs to find how to pull in the resource that you care most about.

As with anything in Parabola, if you need any help getting this step to work, reach out to us with the chat bubble in the bottom left!

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