Pull from Dropbox

Pull from Dropbox

Pulls a CSV or Excel file from Dropbox

What it does

Connect to and pull CSV or Excel files from Dropbox, a cloud storage provider, into Parabola.

How to connect

  1. Drag the Pull from Dropbox step object from the Objects sidebar onto your canvas.
  2. Click Authorize or Reauthorize on the Object Settings sidebar.
  3. A popup will appear that will take you through the standard Dropbox account auth flow, allowing you to select any of the accounts that you logged in with.

Once you are connected, open the object settings and select the CSV or Excel file that you would like to pull. Your data will now be available in Parabola, and any changes you make to the Dropbox file will be automatically synced with Parabola.


This Pull will only be able to pull in files that are located in directories that are owned by the primary owner of the Dropbox account.

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