Pull from Front

Pull from Front

Pulls data from your Front account

The shared inbox for teams

Front is a team collaboration tool that brings all of your emails, apps, and teammates into one collaborative workspace.

Utilize your Front data

Parabola’s Front integration allows you to automatically fetch your data from the Front API. Build custom reports that deliver key insights about your team and schedule them to be generated automatically. Add in data from other tools to create a complete picture of your team's performance.

Create custom reports with Front data

The Front API is a powerful source of data about your team's usage of Front, and about the messages that pass through it. Use Parabola to access the Front API without code, and create custom reports about the metrics that move your business. Automatically have these reports pulled on a schedule and delivered to an email inbox or another tool.

Possible Use Cases

How to connect

  1. Drag a Pull from Front step from the sidebar onto your canvas.
  2. Double click the pull and click the Authorize button
  3. Enter your Front username and password via the Front sign in window that appears. Your credentials are sent directly to Front, and we never see them.
  4. Once you're authorized, select the type of data you'd like to pull, the team(s) you'd like to pull from, and you're off to the races!

P.S. you can also find us in Front's integration directory

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