Pull from Magento

Pull from Magento

Pulls data from your Magento instance

A powerful eCommerce cloud platform

Magento is a flexible and powerful eCommerce solution that enables anyone to build a fully custom eCommerce solution. Magento can scale up or down to fit the exact needs of any eCommerce retailer.

Empower your Magento data

Using Parabola with Magento data, you can remove it from the silo that it normally stays in, and create creative and robust solutions to your everyday needs. Combine data from Magento with data from other systems that do not have native integrations, or in ways that are not supported by your current software. Automatically pull data from Magento and create reports without code or engineers.

Skip the software development cycle

Accelerate your day by creating custom reports and integrations using the drag-and-drop code free Parabola Builder. Take requests that normally take weeks to fulfill and get them done in an afternoon.

Possible use cases

How to Connect

First, you need to create a SOAP/XML Role and then a SOAP/XML User

Create a SOAP/XML Role

  1. In the Magento admin panel choose System > Web Services > SOAP/XML - RPC Roles
  2. Choose Add New Role
  3. In the Role Info tab create a Role Name and choose Save Role
  4. In the Role Resources tab change the Resource Access drop down option to ALL and then choose Save Role

Create a SOAP/XML User

  1. In the Magento admin panel choose System > Web Services > SOAP/XML - RPC Users
  2. Choose Add New User
  3. Fill out the Account Information form generated. Both the User Name and the API Key are created by you.
  4. Then choose Save User.
  5. In the User Role tab allocate the User to the Role (you created earlier) and then choose Save User

Set up the Pull from Magento step in Parabola

In the Magento settings, provide the following: 1. Host 2. Port 3. API Path 4. API Username 5. API Key

Pullant tips on connecting to Magento

Start automating with Parabola

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