Pull from email attachment

Pull from email attachment

Receives the attachment (CSV and XLS) from an incoming email and passes it to the next step

Start your flow with an email

Use this unique step to use emails to initiate your flow. When your flow starts using this step, it pulls a CSV or XLS file attached to that email, and uses that data in the flow.

If your XLS file has multiple sheets, this step auto-selects the first sheet, but can be set to look for a specific sheet.

Building with this step

When you add this step into your flow, copy the email address and send an email to the address with your file attached. Open the step, and click the refresh icon at the top of the screen next to the name of the step to check for a new email attached file. Once you have data in the step, you can use the refresh icon to update the file if you have sent in a new email.

When your flow is published, it will automatically run and use the most recent email attached file in that run.

Please note that one flow can only be tied to one CSV/XLS file with this step. You can use multiple Pull from email attachment steps in a single flow, but all of those steps will always pull from the same source CSV/XLS file.

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