Shopify Import

Shopify Import

Imports data from your Shopify account via their API

Connect to the Shopify API

Shopify has a few APIs - this is the REST Admin API but the others follow a similar pattern, so it should be quick to change this import over to the one you need!

You are going to need:

Read up on their authentication methods here!

How to use the Shopify API

  1. Set the Username field to your Admin API Key
  2. Set the Password field to your Password
  3. Replace the word STORE in the URL Endpoint with the actual name of your store. This is the name that Shopify would use internally, and could be different than your store's display name.

If the import does not bring back all of your data, increase the Max Requests field so that more pages are fetched

Use a different endpoint to get different information.

Read their full API docs here!

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