Pull from Smartsheet

Pull from Smartsheet

Pulls your Smartsheet data into Parabola

Automate data in Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a collaborative spreadsheet tool that is useful for organizing and working with data. View your data as a table, kanban, timeline, and more. Use Parabola to create powerful automations or reports using data from any number of Smartsheets. Pull in data to Parabola to combine with outher sources of information.

Possible Usecases

How to connect

  1. Drag the Pull from Smartsheet step object from the Objects sidebar onto your canvas.
  2. Click Authorize or Reauthorize on the Object Settings sidebar.
  3. A popup will appear that will take you through the standard Smartsheet account auth flow, allowing you to select any of the accounts that you logged in with.

Once you are connected, open the object settings and select the sheet that you would like to pull. Your data will now be available in Parabola, and any changes you make in Smartsheet will automatically sync with Parabola.

Start automating with Parabola

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