Pull from Square

Pull from Square

Pulls Point-of-Sale transaction and customer data from Square

Work with and view your sales data, your way

Square allows any business to quickly and easily accept and process credit card transactions. They serve both small and large businesses well, and have pioneered the use of smartphones and tablets as Point-of-Sale devices.

Every business has unique needs, and unique data, meaning that most Point-of-Sale reporting is not one-size-fits-all. Parabola makes it easy to pull and format any of your Square data into reports that express your unique business logic. You can pull in transactions, refunds, customers, locations, and more, to create any view of your data.

Gain clarity and insight into your business, without code

Parabola provides an intuitive drag and drop environment to create custom data flows that can pull data from any source, such as Square, transform it to your specifications, and then Send it to other tools or people. Our code-free tool empowers anyone in your business to analyze and create custom reports. Answer your business critical questions and increase sales.

Schedule your flow to run periodically, and get the results to the right stakeholders.

Schedule your Parabola flow to automatically pull your Square data and generate reports for the last day, 7 days, or any timeframe. Using our destinations, send that report to the right people's inboxes, or send SMS alerts for urgent matters.

Possible Usecases

Connecting Parabola to your Square Account

This source connects to and pulls the connected data from any of your Square accounts into Parabola. You can choose which type of data, which locations, and which timeframes to target.

  1. Authorize the Parabola to access your Square account using the prompts accessed by the "Authorize" button in the Square settings panel
  2. Choose the primary data type, and then the secondary data type
  3. Select the timeframe to pull the data from

Advanced settings


Timeframes will always shift to only include full units of time. If you choose the last 7 days, it will begin with the most recent full day, not the partial day you are in right now. If you choose the last 3 months, it will begin with the most recent full month, not including the partial month you are in right now.

Start automating with Parabola

Parabola is free to get started. Learn more about our pricing here.