Pull from Webflow

Pull from Webflow

Pulls CMS data from your Webflow site

Pull data into Parabola from Webflow

Using the Pull from Webflow step, you can pull in 4 types of data:


When you authorize your Pull from Webflow step in Parabola, you will be prompted by Webflow to select which sites you want to authorize access to, as well as any teams that you're on. What you choose here will determine what data you can pull into Parabola.

You can edit this authorization at any time by doing the following:

You can have as many separate auths as you want in a flow, and each Pull from Webflow step can pull from whichever auth you want, allowing you to pull data from across many different accounts and teams if needed!

Pulling collection items

Probably the most useful way to use the Pull from Webflow step is to pull in the collection items for a CMS. You'll notice that this pulls in all of the data that you have entered into your items when creating them, as well as some other internal fields that Webflow tracks, such as if the item is archived or drafted, and various dates that are associated with the item.

If you use single reference fields, or multi reference fields in your Webflow site, you will see that they are pulled into Parabola as an ID or a list If IDs. As you can imagine, those IDs correspond to the collection that is being referenced. So if you want to see the actual name of the item being referenced, use another Pull from Webflow step, and pull in the items from the other collection. Then use a "Merge tables horizontally" step to combine the tables and move the name over. It is a good idea to use a "Remove columns" step first to only keep the ID and the Name from the second pull, so that you are not bringing over more columns than you need.

Pulling your collections

A simple option, this will show you each of the collections that your Webflow site has, and includes columns such as name, slug, and a few dates. This can be useful if you need to know which collection was last updated, and when.

Pulling your sites

Use this option to view every site (project) that your authorization has been set to pull in. You can optionally include all of the domains for each site. Domains are the options that you see in the Publish controls in your Webflow designer. A site may have many different domains, and if that is the case, there will be one row in Parabola for every site - domain combination.

Pulling a collection schema

Each of your collections in Webflow has an underlying schema that describes all of the fields that the collection has, and what each field is allowed to contain. When using this pull option, you can see all of the fields that an item in a collection will contain. Any messages and limits that you have set on that field will also be pulled in.

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