Webflow Import

Webflow Import

Imports data from your Webflow account via their API

Connect to the Webflow API

Webflow has a useful API that can pull and push data from and to your your CRM, as well as their ecommerce feature. In this snippet, we will show the CRM set up, but it can be easy adapted to work with the ecommerce features as well.

You are going to need:

How to use the Webflow API

If the import does not bring back all of your data, increase the Max Requests field so that more pages are fetched

Most likely, this is not the URL that you want to use. But in order to access something like your CMS Collection Items, you need more information specific to your account.

The URL for getting those items is https://api.webflow.com/collections/:collection_id/items. Notice that you need a collection ID. To get that follow this path:

  1. Access the URL in the snippet to find the Site ID for the Site you care about
  2. Use the Site ID to access this URL: https://api.webflow.com/SITE-ID/collections
  3. Copy the ID for the collection you want to pull items from.

Now you can use that collection ID in the URL from above these steps!

Read their full API docs here.

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