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Insert sentiment analysis column

The Insert sentiment analysis column step analyzes the sentiment of any given text using Google's Natural Language Processing API.


Your  data inputted and connected to this step would contain a column filled with the text you'd like to analyze. In the input data example below, we have a single column called "Customer Feedback".

After using this Insert sentiment analysis column step, the output  will be data with  two new columns called "Sentiment Score" and "Sentiment Confidence". The "Sentiment Score" can be positive (a positive number), negative (a negative number), or neutral (zero). The provided results range from -100 to +100. The "Sentiment Confidence" column shows how likely it is that the "Sentiment Score" supplied is correct. This number ranges from 0 (no confidence) to infinity.

Custom settings

The configuration of the Insert sentiment analysis column step is quick and easy. To analyze sentiment, tell Parabola which column has the text you want to analyze. Select the column in the Column to Analyze dropdown, and save this by clicking Show Updated Results.

Helpful tips

  • Some data limits do apply to this step. Please limit your data inputs to being up to 600 rows before connecting them to an Insert sentiment analysis column step. Contact us at if you experience an error after reducing your data input step to <600 rows and connecting it into this one.