Add Date & Time

Add Date & Time

Adds a column containing the current date and time, and any other dates relative to today

Add a date and time data to start your flow

Adding the current date or an offset date can be used for many things, such as logging update times, performing date comparisons, or using APIs.

This transform adds any number of columns containing relative dates. Each card represents a new column. The values of the column will be the same for every row.

Choosing your relative dates

All dates are added as relative to the current date and time of the run. That means that every time the flow runs, these values will be updated. While building, they will only update if you refresh the step itself, or recalculate the entire flow.

A date that is 0 days offset will be the current date and time. If you choose a positive value, it will be in the future, and a negative value will be in the past.

All values are imported looking like this: 2019-09-18 12:33:09 which is a format of YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss. You can use a Date Formatter step to split that date and time out into smaller parts that you may need.

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