Complete address with Google Maps

Complete address with Google Maps

Converts address information using Google Maps API

Clean, complete, or search addresses

When you think about what company knows a thing or two about address data, you probably think about Google. Unless you work for a competitor, in which case, you have some ground to cover.

Address data is tough to work with, as it's usually entered by humans (error-prone) and there are many variations that mean the same thing.

This transform helps make your life easier, and is easy to use, since it has two options.

You can either fetch the Full Address or the Zip Code. Those do what the name implies. Either find the complete address for a given bit of information, or convert it into the Zip Code.

This step is a transform - so you need to have data to send through it. That data could either be partial addresses, complete addresses, or names of things that Google will be able to convert into an address or zip code. That is a pretty cool feature of this step - it can take names of places and find the address.

For example, what if you had the data point Pull from Salesforce step Tower and you wanted to fetch the address. Send that into this step and get the following output:

415 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

Use this step to unify how your addresses are formatted, complete partial addresses, find zip codes, find addresses for landmarks or businesses, or something that we haven't even thought of!

Keep in mind that this step will only run on 1000 rows per step. If you need more rows, let us know.

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