Insert column

Insert column

Combines text and existing cell values into a new column

Create new columns composed of other data

The Insert column step is as close to direct editing of data that Parabola supports. You can define a new column to be added, and define what goes into that column.

The Text field in the step supports Parabola's standard merge tags syntax, which is {curly braces} surrounding a column name. You can create multiple columns using multiple cards in the step.

The cards are applied in from the top down, so a column created in the first card can be successfully referenced in the second card.

Quickly tweak data

A nice use for the Insert column step is to add little bits of data into columns that is missing. For example, if you calculate a percentage in Parabola, and want to add the % symbol, use this step with something like: {newPercentColumn}%

The Insert column step is also great for creating blocks of text to be sent as emails or sms messages.

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