Spend your time closing new deals (not updating your CRM)
For Sales and Marketing Ops

Spend your time closing new deals (not updating your CRM)

Stop wasting your time with manual data entry, getting rid of duplicates, and constantly being unsure if you're accidentally sending prospecting emails to existing customers. Let us handle the boring stuff, so you can do what you do best.

Complete confidence that your data is correct
Transforms in Parabola work the same way every time. Fears of accidentally overwriting data or missing a step can become the relics of the past they deserve to be.
Iterate and test without needing engineers
Parabola is as powerful and flexible as code, but anyone can use it. Create flows that update data in your CRM or access APIs like Clearbit all via drag-and-drop. Your flows run on our lightning-fast cloud servers so that your engineers don't have to be involved.
Multiply your impact
Increase the throughput of your sales machine. Let Parabola prep all of your data so you can send more emails and close more leads, without having to hire another SDR.

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