Turn messy data into automated workflows – without code
Say goodbye to manually cobbling together systems and spreadsheets. 
Streamline workflows and reports for any data process your team relies on.
Scrolling asset of Parabola published view, showing the builder preview window and data visualizations.
Whether a process is four steps or 400
... you can set up complex workflows without the help of your data or engineering teams. Let Parabola be the magic glue that holds together the foundational processes your business runs on.

Here's how it works


Grab data from virtually any source

Create a single source of truth for your team 
by automating data pulls from anywhere – including APIs, spreadsheets, PDFs and emails.


Build and automate your workflow logic

Use Parabola’s simple drag-and-drop interface to clean, standardize, and manipulate your data any way you would in a spreadsheet — you can even use AI to parse your most unwieldy docs.


Organize and centralize your workflows

Document and collaborate on shared processes, centralizing your workflows and templates for the whole team.

A few cards in a Parabola Flow, describing the process as it's automated
cards in our product that have flow documentation and template creation


Visualize your data and share reports

Keep your reporting in the same platform as your logic to power ad hoc analysis and gut check your data. Share rich dashboards with other teams to provide context on your processes.

Charts, headline numbers, and different data visualizations
A few user avatars floating over an abstracted Parabola Flow

Parabola is for operators

It's for those teammates who do the essential work — the manual stuff that keeps things running — and whose impact extends beyond their roles. Parabola was built to help them get out of their repetitive work and reach their full potential.

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“Parabola is a game-changer delivering tangible results and revolutionizing our data operations. By harnessing its solutions, we have automated a broad range of complex data tasks, leading to expedited revenues that we expect to amount to millions of dollars each year."

Gilles Lagast, Global Director of Business Operations, Flexport
Gilles Lagast

Global Director of Business Operations,
Customs at Flexport

From security to scalability, building in Parabola gives you best practices out of the box.

Thousands of data integrations

SOC 2 Type II compliant

Data encrypted in transit & at rest

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See how teams in different industries are automating their most complex workflows