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Learn how to work with APIs
With our new guide, APIs are usable by all with no code
Not everyone needs to learn how to code
How to be as productive as an engineer without knowing how to code
Some lessons learned designing a complex product like Parabola
Read through some of our key takeaways from designing, building, and iterating on Parabola
Become a Parabola Power User with Keyboard Shortcuts
How to use Parabola's keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity
Use Parabola to send and receive SMS messages using Twilio without code
Twilio is a powerful tool developers can use to programmatically send and receive texts. Since Parabola lets you be your own developer via drag-and-drop, you can now harness the power of Twilio directly in your flows.
Use Parabola to Automatically update Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in Salesforce
NPS score survey results are extremely useful, but require too much time and effort to keep up to date in Salesforce. Automate that process and never worry about it again.
Customer Success
Give Time Back to your Sales Team with Codeless Automation by Parabola
Increase sales productivity and drive results with Salesforce and CRM automation using Parabola.
Automating the rest of your marketing pipeline with Parabola
Create custom marketing automation flows to save time, increase reach, and deliver results.
Parabola's New Pricing
We are rolling out new pricing, which adds value and clarity to our plans, and announces some awesome new features.
A new way to run Parabola flows
Parabola flows can now be run with the click of a single button, from the inside the flow, or on the flows page.
Introducing flow scheduling with Parabola
Schedule your flows to run and export data from the cloud. Set it and forget it.
CSV exports email their data to you
CSV exports will now send their results to your email, or your teammate's email, when the flow runs.
Start automating with Parabola
Parabola is free to use for teams of any size. We also offer paid plans with additional features and support.