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Introduction to Parabola

Parabola is a drag-and-drop productivity tool that runs entirely in your browser. We have a library of customizable, prebuilt components called Steps that anyone can use to pull in data, combine and transform it in bulk, and export it where you'd like.

Why should you use Parabola?

Parabola is considered a productivity tool because we help you be more productive. We save you time by automating manual data tasks that previously consumed your day-to-day, like copy and pasting across tools and spreadsheets, dragging Excel formulas across multiple rows and columns, and exporting CSVs from various tools you use. We also empower you to easily get important business data, combine it from  various tools and systems, and clean the data to make sense of how your business (or a client's) is performing. Parabola unlocks all of this without you having to know or write a single line of code.

Think of Parabola as an extension of yourself. You can schedule workflows in Parabola to run any and all hours of the day, even when you're not working. Imagine if you had a bunch of robot machines that you can easily instruct to do your unwanted manual work for you. That's the same experience Parabola gives you. You needn't worry about an inevitable human error that's common when doing data tasks manually. Once you build one workflow, you can set it on a schedule or share it with your team. Parabola saves you time and mental energy so that you can focus on higher-leverage, more complex tasks to help your business succeed.

Why live in spreadsheet tables if you don't have to? Hand off your tabular data tasks to Parabola, and gain back more human moments in your day.

Can you use Parabola?

Anyone who does manual and repetitive work with their business data can use Parabola. If you're comfortable working in spreadsheets and have an understanding of your business data, that's all you need to be successful here. Your data sets can be small to large. You don't have to have a computer science, software engineering, or data science background. That's why some of our most successful customers are operations or marketing specialists who are experts in what they do and have deep understanding of the business data that impacts their work.

What can you do in Parabola?

The opportunities are truly endless! With our prebuilt integrations and ability to connect to most APIs, we've been able to support people across most industries and functions. Here are some of the awesome things we've seen our customers do on Parabola that may be a good start for you:

  • Automatically update your inventory in Shopify (or elsewhere) based on what's available in your warehouses
  • Automatically process refunds in Shopify for returned orders
  • Build custom sales and marketing reports that can run on a schedule
  • Analyze your marketing channel performance using our Google Analytics and Facebook Ads integrations
  • Notify your team via Slack, email, text message based on important customer events
  • Take a huge list of products and set conditional rules to create Shopify collections in bulk

Check out some of the options for sending data to external destinations in this Parabola University video.