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Send to Geckoboard

Use the Send to Geckoboard step to send your data to Geckoboard's data visualization tool and automatically update the underlying data of your dashboards.

Connect your Geckboard account

To connect your Geckoboard account, click Authorize.

Follow the link to lookup the Geckoboard API Key, copy from your Geckoboard account settings, and paste into Parabola. Click Authorize to complete the connection.

Custom settings

First, choose a Dataset Name. This name will auto-format to remove capital letters and spaces, as required by Geckoboard.

Using the dropdowns, map your data's columns to the appropriate field data types available in Geckoboard. If you want to make a line chart with this dataset, you must have a "Date" column.

Helpful tips

  • If you are using this data to add a new widget in Geckoboard, select "Datasets" and then choose the corresponding dataset when you are prompted to choose a source in Geckoboard.
  • You can only send a maximum of 5,000 rows to Geckoboard at a time. If you find yourself exceeding this limit, we suggest using the Remove rows step or grouping your data to reduce the number of data points.
  • If you are sending date data, it must be in YYYY-MM-DD format, which you can easily achieve using the Format dates step.
  • If you do not plan on sending every column of data to Geckoboard sure to use the Remove columns step prior to the Send to Geckoboard step to reduce the columns down to just the data you wish to send.