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Send emails by row

The Send emails by row step enables you to send emails to email addresses listed in a specific column. For example, if you have a column with client email addresses, using this step sends one email per row (per email address) in that column. Please note that this step can only send emails to 75 recipients at one time. The emails will be sent from and it will include text at the bottom that says "Powered by Parabola."

Custom settings

Drag and drop the step out onto your canvas. If you double-click on it to open the step's settings, this will be the default view:

Move the step to the right of your flow that has the column with a row (list) of email addresses. Connect the flow's latest step to this one and double-click on it to open up the display window:

In the Recipients field, select the column where the rows of email addresses are.

Values in the fields Subject and Body are required in order to finish the step set up and see a display result window. If you don't enter values, the step will error and not finish. You can merge values from other columns in the Subject and Body fields for a more personalized, customized message. To do this, you'll wrap the column names in curly braces like {column name}.

In the Reply To field, enter an email address you'd like your recipients (clients/customers or colleagues) replies to be sent to.

Helpful tips

  • You can use HTML to format emails by selecting HTML in the Body Format section. After selecting this, most popular HTML tags like <br> and <a href="">Visit Parabola's website!</a> can be used in the step's Body section.