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Pull from Gorgias

Continually improve your customer experience by creating custom reports and processes based on your Gorgias tickets.

Gorgias is a beta integration which requires a slightly more involved setup process than our native integrations (like Facebook Ads and Google Analytics). Following the guidance in this doc should help even those without technical experience pull data from Gorgias. If you run into any questions, shoot our team an email at

Connect your Gorgias Account

To pull data from Gorgias, you'll need to start by accessing your Gorgias API Key. Here's a step-by-step:

  1. Login into your Gorgias account and navigate to Settings ->REST API
  2. Copy your Password (API Key)
  3. In the "Pull from Gorgias" Parabola step, open the "Authentication" section and enter your Email and Password (API Key)  
  4. Finally, change the "API Endpoint URL", replacing your-domain with the domain associated with your account

Helpful Information

  • Other data: If you're hoping to pull data from Gorgias beside tickets, feel free to reference their API documentation
  • If you're trying to pull in additional records, visit the "Rate Limiting" section and increase the "Max pages to fetch"

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