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Send to Slack

Quickly and easily pipe data from your Parabola Flows into Slack. This integration is often use to notify your team about a process running successfully, or to report on specific updates or actions (e.g., "Gross sales from yesterday totaled X," or "a new opportunity was created in Salesforce").

Slack is a beta integration which requires a slightly more involved setup process than our native integrations. Following the guidance in this doc should help even those without technical experience send messages in Slack. If you run into any questions, shoot our team an email at  

Create a Slack App

In order to send messages in Slack, you need to create an 'app':

  1. Click this link and hit "Create a new Slack app", then "Create New App" --> "From scratch"
  2. Give your app a name and select the appropriate workspace (note: the 'name' appears in Slack as the sender of the message)
  3. Click "Incoming Wehooks", then turn the toggle on
  4. Click "Add New Webhook to Workspace"
  5. Select channel to send messages
  6. Copy the "Webhook URL" and then paste the URL in the Parabola "Send message in Slack" step in place of the 'Endpoint URL'
  7. In the 'Request Body,' format your message to send in Slack – that's it!

Helpful Information

  • Number of messages: This will send 1 message per row of data. If you want to send only 1 message total, you can add a limit rows step, or use the "Merge duplicate rows" step
  • Custom message: To reference dynamic data in your message, use curly brackets (ex. Yesterday, we sold {quantity} units of {product})
  • Set up: You must have data flowing into this step in order for a message to be sent. A message won't actually be sent until the flow is actually ran
  • Advanced formatting: To send messages with a richer format, check out Slack's Block Kit Builder and API docs

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