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Adding team collaborators

To share a Flow with another team member, go to your Flows page and click on the "Share" icon. You can also access share from the navigation bar within a Flow.

From within a Flow

Once you select "Share," a pop-up window titled "Share Flow" will appear. From this screen, use the Share with... dropdown to add any teammate to your Flow.* You can choose whether to give them edit or view permissions (more on those below). After you've selected the person and their permission level, click the "Share" button. Your teammate will receive an email alert, and can now work with you on the Flow!

At any time, you can use the Share button to review who has access to a Flow, change permissions, or remove someone entirely.

* Note: if you don't see your teammate's name in the Share with... dropdown, this means that they're not yet on your Parabola team. To add a team member, click “Invite someone new to your team” at the bottom of the sharing window. (If your team member already belongs to a different team on Parabola, email and we can help get you sorted.)

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Collaborator permissions

There are two types of Flow permissions: "can edit" and "can view"

1) Editors will have full ability to edit any part of a Flow.
  • Editors can edit the entire Flow, including step settings, Results view data, and Parabola Table views
  • Editors can share the Flow, and manage who has access
  • Editors can add scheduled runs and triggers to Flows
  • Editors can delete Flows
  • All Editors will receive all Flow status emails
2) Viewers will have read-only access to a Flow.
  • Viewers can view the entire Flow, including step settings, and Results view data, but cannot make any edits
  • Viewers can create new private views and edit their existing private views, but cannot make edits to existing shared views on a Parabola Table
  • The only actions Viewers can take are copying snippets or duplicating the Flow
  • Viewers cannot share Flows
  • Viewers cannot run Flows
  • Viewers cannot delete Flows

Note: you'll always know when you're in read-only mode. This is what a Flow looks like with view permissions:

Request edit permissions

Flow collaborators with view permissions can request edit permissions at any time. (They can do so from the viewer tool tip, shown above, or from the Share modal.) That request will be sent to Flow editors and/or team admins to approve. If a request is approved, that Flow collaborator will then have edit permissions.

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Sharing with your entire team

You can easily share a Flow with your entire team at once. You can do this in two ways:

1) By sharing:

Open the “Share Flow” window. Where you see your team’s name, modify the permission from No access to either "Can edit" or "Can view."

2) By moving:

Move the Flow to your ‘Team Flows’ space. Doing so will automatically grant your team "can view" permissions.

Sharing a Flow outside of your team

You cannot share a Flow with someone who isn't on your Parabola team. However, you can copy and share the contents of a Flow using snippets.

To do so, highlight and select all of the steps by holding down the shift button and clicking on an area of a canvas to draw a square over all of the steps you wish to copy. You can also manually click on each step while holding down the shift button to select all steps.

Then, copy the steps by selecting control/command + c keys to get a text snippet of the flow like this:


If you send this text snippet to someone, they can copy and paste it (control/command + v) into their own Parabola flow canvas to have the flow auto-populate. The example text snippet will populate the flow seen in the image with two steps. For more on creating snippets, you can also review the article, Building a flow.

Sharing Tables outside your team

Any Table or visualization can be shared via email.

To share a view, go to the published page of the Flow, and click on the email icon from any Table view.

  • Enter a single email or a list of emails to send a that view to.
  • Charts, Tables, and headline metrics can all be shared via email
  • When sharing via email, the Table, chart, or list of metrics will be shared exactly as they appear on your screen

Any valid email address can receive these, but only registered Parabola users will be able to click through to the Flow itself.

Tables, charts, and metrics shared by email will be retained for 90 days, after which links to those files will no longer work.

Transferring Flows between accounts

To transfer a Flow to another account outside of your team, such as your client's or partner company's, email and we'd be happy to assist you. Please include the following information in your email and cc the new owner's email for approval:

  1. The email of the new owner's account for this Flow(s)
  2. The name(s) of the Flow(s) you'd like to transfer to this new owner's account
  3. Whether you'd like to retain access to the Flow(s) still, or if you'd like to transfer them completely to this new owner's account