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Edit columns

The Edit columns step allows you to keep or remove columns, rename them, and then reorder those columns – all from one step! This step will replace the following steps: Select columns, Rename columns, and Reorder columns.

Keep or Remove columns

When you first connect your data into the Edit columns step, the Keep/Remove section will auto-select to Keep all columns. From the dropdown you will have 3 options:

  • Keep all columns
  • Keep these columns
  • Remove these columns

If you choose to Keep all columns, you will see all of the columns in your data present.

Choosing to Keep these columns, will allow you to select the columns that you would like to keep. You can use the Add all or Clear all button if you need to bulk update or clear your selection:

The Remove these columns option will remove the columns that you are selecting from your data. There is an Add all and Clear all option that you can use to add all of the columns or clear your selection:

There is an option to Guarantee your kept columns. Guaranteed columns are kept even if they are later missing from the input data (e.g., an API that doesn’t include a column of data if it’s blank). Check the box to keep your columns even if they are later missing from the data you are pulling in:

Rename and Reorder columns

From the Rename/Reorder section of the step, you can update the names of your columns. To do this, click the name of the column in that section. You should then be able to type in or update the column’s name. If you need to reset the name of the columns, you can do so individually by clicking the reset icon next to the column or reset all the names by clicking the Reset names button.

To update the order of your columns, click and drag the handles to the left of the column positions and drag into place. Alternatively, you can click the position number and type in a new number. You can reset the column order by clicking “Reset order.”

By default, any new columns will be placed at the end of your table of data. If you disable this checkbox, only columns that you have explicitly moved to new positions will be reordered, and all other columns will attempt to position themselves as close to their input position as possible.

When this checkbox is disabled, any column that has been moved into a specific position will show a bolder drag handle icon and position number.

Disabling this setting is best used when you know you need specific columns in specific numerical positions, and do not want to reorder the other columns.

If you have an Edit Columns step that existed prior to this change, disabling the checkbox will show all columns with bold positions, indicating that they are all in set locations. To fully take advantage of this feature with an existing Edit Columns step, disable the checkbox and click “reset order”. Resetting this step will allow you to place columns in exact positions.