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Pull from TikTok

Get a full-picture view of your marketing performance across channels by adding TikTok data to your automated reports. Track key metrics like clicks, impressions, and payments, and combine your spend across platforms for a blended CAC metrics.

TikTok is a beta integration which requires a more involved setup process than our native integrations (like Facebook Ads and Google Analytics). Following the guidance in this doc should help even those without technical experience pull data from TikTok. If you run into any questions, shoot our team an email at

Connect your TikTok account

To pull marketing data from TikTok, you must start by registering as a TikTok developer through their Marketing Portal.

Once registered, you can then 'Create a Developer App.' Heads up – TikTok says this app may take 2-3 business days for them to review and approve. 

  • Note: when you're creating the developer app, you'll be asked to provide a 'redirect URL.' You can supply the following URL:

With your developer app approved, you'll be provided with an auth_token URL that generates your access token. If you click on this URL or paste it into a new browser tab and search, you'll see an access token appended to the resulting URL. That access token can be copied and inserted into the "Pull from TikTok" step in the "Request Header" section.

You'll also need to acquire your "Advertiser ID", which can be pasted in the "Input Advertiser ID" card.

Custom Settings

Our TikTok integration was built to support TikTok's Basic Reports and Audience Reports. To help you get started, we've brought in a list of all the Metrics (ex. Spend, CPM) and Dimensions (ex. group by Campaign and Day) supported in TikTok's reports.

To start outputting your data once you've successfully set up your TikTok Developer Account, you'll need to follow 4 steps: 

  1. In the "SELECT DIMENSIONS" and "SELECT METRICS" steps, select your desired data. These selections flow into the live API call later in the flow.
  1. In the "Specify Date Range" card, follow the instructions on the card to set your desired date range.
  2. Input your Advertiser ID in the corresponding step – this also will be dynamically inserted into your live API call
  3. Enter your Access_Token in the "Pull from TikTok" step in the "Request Headers" section

Helpful Information

  • Metric/ Dimension Groupings: There are certain dimension/ metric groupings that TikTok does not support (ex. in each request, you can only have one ID dimension and one time dimension). For a full explanation of their API capabilities, check out their report pages.
  • Pulling additional data: If you're hoping to pull a different dataset from TikTok's API, check out their API documentation.

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