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Keyboard Shortcuts

We've built in keyboard shortcuts to make flow building easier and faster.

Canvas shortcuts

  • scroll (mousewheel): pan up/down
  • shift+scroll (mousewheel): pan left/right
  • cmd+scroll: zoom in/out
  • 0: resets zoom to 100%
  • -: zooms out a notch
  • +: zooms in a notch
  • f: fit flow to view
  • arrows: move steps/cards in small increments
  • shift-arrows: move steps/cards in large increments
  • shift/command: Hold to select many steps (click them)
  • shift + click and drag: Select multiple steps in a bounding box

Step shortcuts

  • d: Duplicate the selected step(s)
  • delete/backspace: Delete the selected step(s)
  • space: Open the selected step’s settings and results
  • right click: Add a card or step
  • escape: Exit the selected step’s settings and results
  • ⌘+Z (on macOS) and Ctrl+Z (on Windows): Undo last edit
  • ⌘+Y or Shift+⌘+Z (on macOS) and Ctrl+Y or Shift+Ctrl+Z (on Windows): Redo last edit

Builder toolbar shortcuts

  • s or /: Open the builder toolbar search tab and start typing
  • escape: Close the builder toolbar
  • tab: move between the Integrations, Transforms, and Cards sections
  • arrow keys: Navigate which step or card is highlighted
  • enter/return: Add the highlighted step or card