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Pull from Magento

The Pull from Magento step pulls in data from your Magento instance. Magento is a flexible and powerful eCommerce solution that enables anyone to build a fully custom eCommerce solution. Magento can scale up or down to fit the exact needs of any eCommerce retailer.

Connect your Magento account

To connect your Magento account, you need to first create a SOAP/XML Role and then a SOAP/XML User.

Create a SOAP/XML Role
  1. In the Magento admin panel choose System > Web Services > SOAP/XML - RPC Roles
  2. Choose Add New Role
  3. In the Role Info tab create a Role Name and choose Save Role
  4. In the Role Resources tab change the Resource Access drop down option to ALL and then choose Save Role
Create a SOAP/XML User
  1. In the Magento admin panel choose System > Web Services > SOAP/XML - RPC Users
  2. Choose Add New User
  3. Fill out the Account Information form generated. Both the User Name and the API Key are created by you.
  4. Then choose Save User.
  5. In the User Role tab allocate the User to the Role (you created earlier) and then choose Save User
Set up th step in Parabola

In the Pull from Magento step, click the blue button to "Authorize". Provide the following: 1. Host 2. Port 3. API Path 4. API Username 5. API Key

Once you've populated the form, click on the blue button to "Authorize" to complete your connection.

Other tips on connecting Magento and Parabola
  • Host should not include http:// or https://
  • Ports are typically 80 for non-ssl, and 443 for ssl
  • Paths should be the path to the xmlrpc api and should include the beginning /

Custom settings

The Pull from Magento step can pull can bring in Sales Orders, Customers, and Products. Select the appropriate dataset from the Dataset dropdown and select the date range we should use from the Created dropdown. Click Show Updated Results to see your data from Magento.

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