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For individuals that want to test the product and run flows manually.
per month, when billed annually. $248 when billed monthly
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For teams with growing data needs, and want to run flows daily.
per month, when billed annually. $1,123 when billed monthly
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For companies with large amounts of data, and want to run flows hourly.
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For companies seeking additional customization and support.
Data SourcesBasicStartupPremiumCustom
Data TransformsBasicStartupPremiumCustom
Scheduled Runs
Rows per Calculation20,000200,0002,000,000Custom
Object Runs per Month50010,000150,000Custom
Customer SuccessEmail SupportPhone SupportDedicated Expert
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Frequently asked questions

What are object runs per month?
When you run a flow, and it has 3 Objects that make up the flow (e.g. an import, a row filter, and an export), then you have just used 3 object runs for the month. The limit is per team, so if you have 5 users on Parabola, all of their flows contribute to your object runs count when the flows run. The count is only taken when a flow runs, so you can have as many object on your screen while your are building out your flow and experimenting.
What are rows per calculation?
Each Object that we have accepts data as an input, usually from other Objects. The limit on rows per calculation means that no Object in your flow may ingest more rows than allotted on your tier. So if you are on the Free tier, and importing two tables with 15,000 rows each, you would not be able to concatenate those tables on top of each other, as the resulting table would contain 30,000 rows, which is above the 20,000 rows allowed on the Free tier.
Who contributes towards my Object Runs count?
Object runs are counted at a Team level. If you have 5 team members total, all of their flow runs contribute to the count of object runs for the month for your team.
How does scheduling work?
Flows with active schedules will execute automatically at the specified times in the rule or set of rules. At run-time, they will pull in new data from all connected data sources, and run the flow with that data. Then the exports will send the results to their destinations.CSV exports, during a run, will log a URL where the file can be retrieved, and send that email to the specified user.
What are Startup and Premium Integrations and Transforms?
Startup integrations allow you to connect to existing tools that you have with a live data feed. Connect to services like Stripe or Google sheets to import and export your data. These work alongside Scheduling. Salesforce and other higher level business integrations are considered premium.
Can I trial another tier?
New users can access the Free tier of Parabola at any time, and opt-in to a 14 day trial of the Business tier. Existing users can trial one tier above their current tier, once.
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