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per month, billed annually. $61 billed monthly.
per month, billed annually. $248 billed monthly.
per month, billed annually. $1,123 billed monthly.
Parabola price
Published Flows12515Unlimited
Data Sources2 sources22 sources26 sources29 sourcesCustom
Data Transforms36 transforms37 transforms38 transforms40 transformsCustom
Data Destinations1 destinations12 destinations14 destinations18 destinationsCustom
Rows per calculation10,000100,0001,000,0005,000,000Custom
Scheduled Runs
Every 10 minutes
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Frequently asked questions

What can I do with the free plan?
The free plan is perfect for working with static data sets. It's a great way to setup a series of steps you need to occasionally perform on a CSV or Excel file.
Can I test paid features before upgrading?
Yes! You can test any data source, transform, or destination by building a draft of a flow. This is a great way to try before you buy. You'll be able to see a preview of how your data is moving through each step of the flow.
What do you mean by "rows per calculation"?
When you run a flow, the amount of data passing through it, measured in rows, cannot exceed your "rows per calculation" limit. We'll let you know if your data size is too large when you publish a flow.
How does scheduling work?
Scheduled flows will run automatically at the times you specify. At run-time, they'll pull in fresh data from all connected data sources, perform any transforms, and then export the results to the flow's destinations.
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