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Your first 15 credits each month are free. After that, pay for a subscription that meets your needs.

* Parabola flows require credits to run. The number of credits required for a run depends on how many rows of data you're processing at the time.

How many credits do I need?

< 500 rows max
1 credit / run
500 - 5,000 rows max
2 credits / run
5,000 - 50,000 rows max
4 credits / run
> 50,000 rows max
16 credits / run

I let all my Excel ninja skills atrophy from non-use over the years and so this tool has been a great way to save me hours of time and frustration.

Luke, Trademark Attorney

I am so glad I've found your app...I'm in a situation with my business where I can't afford a developer but I also don't have the time to learn programming... Parabola is the PERFECT solution.

Bobby, President

I am head over heels for Parabola, though... I would have been dead in the water trying to connect our CRM to anything without it.

Andrew, Digital Marketer

Finding Parabola and seeing the potential is like a voice from the clouds - it's amazing.

Geoff, Director

Great, we are loving Parabola. You guys are amazing, the product is perfect.

Marcio, CEO

I've been searching for a tool like this, you literally just made my day!

Jordan, Cofounder

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flow?

Flows are how you tell Parabola what to do! Each problem you solve with Parabola will have its own flow containing the steps required to accomplish its task. Flows can be as large as you like, and can have as many branches (connected or not) as you need to accomplish your project.

What is a run?

Every time your flow does its work, whether that's updating a spreadsheet or sending out emails - that's a run! Runs can be started manually from inside Parabola or on a schedule you configure. If you're part of our Webhooks beta, your runs can also be started via web request. Building in Parabola does not cost anything and is not a run.

Can I get started for free?

Yes! All Parabola users get 15 run credits for free every month and have access to all product features.  15 credits is enough to have three small flows running once a week, or to run one medium flow daily for one week each month.

Is there a limit on the number of flows I can create? On the number of users?

No. You can create as many flows and have as many users as you would like.

What are the limits of what I can do in Parabola?

Check out our limitations documentation over here. In general, most Parabola users do not hit any limits!

What happens when I run out of credits?

When you run out of credits, you will still be able to use Parabola to build and modify flows. Your scheduled flows and webhook-triggered flows will be paused until your next billing cycle starts, and you will not be able to run a flow manually. Once your billing cycle has restarted, your paused flows will resume, and you will have the full capabilities of Parabola back!

Can I learn more about pricing?

Yes you can! Head over to this document about pricing, or reach out to us with any questions!

What is a run credit?

Parabola flows cost credits to run. In other words, every time your flow does its work (update a spreadsheet, send an email), some credits are consumed. How many credits are consumed depends on how much data your flow handles: runs processing less than 500 rows of data consume 1 credit, 500-5000  consume 2 credits, 5000-50000 consume 4 credits, and flows processing more than 50000 rows consume 16 credits.

How many run credits will I need each month?

That depends on how much you use Parabola (hopefully a lot)! But seriously, it's hard for us to estimate. As an example, let's say you had one flow that runs once per day and updates 1000 rows in a spreadsheet or your CRM - you'd need 60 (30 daily runs * 2 credits per run) credits a month. If you want to discuss this in more detail feel free to reach out to us on Intercom.

Why does my flow sometimes use more run credits than other times?

Flow runs consume credits based on how many rows of data they actually processed! So if your flow runs on Tuesday and processes 400 rows of data it will consume 1 credit. But if it runs on Wednesday and processes 600 rows of data, it would consume 2 credits.

How will I know how many credits a flow costs to run?

When you finish building your flow and publish it (get it ready to run), we'll let you know how many credits we expect it will consume. This estimate will be based on your data sources as they are configured in the flow. If you're just using flat files then the credit cost won't ever change, but if one or more of your data sources is dynamic (such as an API or an integration) then the credit cost could vary from run to run. You'll be able to see in the run logs how many credits were consumed for each execution of a flow.

How do upgrades and downgrades affect my billing?

When you upgrade, you will be immediately charged a prorated amount for the partial billing cycle period that you are going to be using the new plan. That prorated amount also includes a discount for your unused time on the old plan. When you upgrade, the new features and credits will be available to you immediately.

When you downgrade, you will retain your old features until the end of your billing cycle. At that point, you will be moved to the new plan.

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