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At Parabola, we’re bringing the power of programming to everyone.

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Let’s Build Together

At Parabola, we come to work every day with the belief that everyone has an analytical, curious, and creative capability yearning to be expressed.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t given the tools and encouragement to unleash their ingenuity. For all of the technology advancements we’ve made, most people still aren’t empowered to innovate. Parabola wants to change that by delivering the tools needed for all people to create, so we can all feel productive and effective.

Our mission is to give everyone the power of programming, so we’re growing a team of talented, thoughtful builders to make it happen. Join us!

Our Values

Transparent Collaboration

Parabola’s goal is to help groups of people collaborate on messy problems, and that includes our own workers. Internally, we promote cross-functional approaches to problems because we value each individual’s unique perspective. We want to avoid work getting narrowly siloed, and make that work visible to the whole team, recognizing that each member has unique expertise and the ability to bring unique perspectives to every problem.

Customer Centricity

As we build we are always thinking about how to help as many people as possible gain productivity leverage in their day-to-day lives. Our product development is customer driven — we have pulled many ideas directly from customer feedback, involve them in our product development process, and continuing to invest in an extremely robust and thoughtful CX team, which brings its insights into collaborations with product and engineering.

“Anyone Can Build”

We work to empower our customers to take action and ownership of their ideas. Our goal is to make our product accessible to everyone, and by making our product accessible with make much of the web more accessible, too. We believe everyone is a builder, so we’re providing the tools they need to craft their own unique solutions. Internally we also believe a creative solution can come from anyone, and so empower our team, regardless of job description, to speak up and contribute about the direction of our product.

Curiosity & Excellence

At Parabola, we believe that assumptions are made to be challenged. By seeking novel solutions to familiar and complex problems, we achieve a higher degree of excellence in our projects and products. We aren’t perfectionists — we move with speed and agility — and so evaluate our work not on how close to perfect is it, but on how powerfully it addresses our customers’ needs.

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Perks & Benefits

Competitive salary and equity
Excellent medical, dental, and vision
Flexible work hours & unlimited PTO
Office lunches and snacks
Subsidized transportation benefits
Custom desk setup with equipment of your choice
Remote and hybrid work opportunities
Monthly team events (cooking classes, bowling, and more)
12 weeks parental leave
Dog-friendly office
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Our Team

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Alex P.


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Alex Y.


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Joanna, from Parabola's Engineering team


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Our Investors

We are thrilled to be supported by Matrix Partners; Thrive Capital; Abstract Ventures, Merus Capital.; AngelPad; Elad Gil; and several fantastic angels from companies we admire.

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