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Fill in blanks

The Fill in blanks step uses the nearest value above, below, to the left, or to the right of a cell in a column. You can also use a custom value or reference another column's value to fill in the blank cell.


We'll use the below input table for this step to process. It contains four columns including one with some blank rows called "Subsidiary".

After using the Fill in blanks step, our output table now has values in the previously-empty "Subsidiary" column. The Fill in Blanks step has populated the blank rows with the values to the left of that row cell (i.e. values in the left-side "Organization" column).

Custom settings

Once you connect data to the Fill in blanks step, you will first need to select which column we should fill in blanks for.

By default, this step will fill in blanks with values from above. To change this, click on values from above and select another option from the available dropdown:

  • values from above
  • values from below
  • values from left
  • values from right
  • custom values

You can create multiple fill in blanks rules that will be applied from the top down. To do so, simply click on the blue link to Add Rule.