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Pull from MongoDB

The Pull from MongoDB step enables you to connect to your MongoDB database and access your NoSQL data in Parabola. MongoDB is a document-oriented database platform, also classified as a NoSQL database program.

Connect to your MongoDB account

Double-click on the Pull from MongoDB step and click on the blue button to Authorize. These are the following fields required to connect:

  • Hostname
  • Username
  • Password
  • Database
  • Port
  • Full URI (Optional) - You can opt to paste in the full URI instead of filling out the fields above.

Default settings

Once you are successfully connected to MongoDB, your first collection will be pulled in automatically. You can update the imported collection by clicking on the Collection dropdown.

Custom settings

Select your desired collection from the Collection dropdown menu.

Helpful tips

  • Once your JSON blobs from MongoDB are pulled into Parabola, use the Expand JSON step or the Split column step to further query inside your JSON blobs.

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