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Add running total

The Add running total step calculates the running total sum of any column you choose.

Running total for the entire table

This setting creates a running total by summing the values in a specified column in every row. Each row will contain the sum of all of the previous values in the specified column plus the current row.

Running Total for each value in a column

Switch the first setting from “for the entire table” to “for each value in this column” to create individual running totals for each unique value in another reference column.

For example, if you needed to create the running total for the number of steps each person took in a day, you would sum the values in the “Steps” column and create a a running total for each value in the “Name” column.

The column being referenced for grouping does not need to be sorted, but the results will be easier to read if that column is sorted.

Helpful tips

  • Any value that is not a number will be treated as a 0, including words and blanks.
  • This step can sum: positive and negative numbers (-10), decimals (10.55), currencies ($50), percentages (10%), and scientific notation (10e2).
  • Percentages will be summed as their numeric format. So 10% will be summed as 0.1