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Use sample data

The Use sample data step allows you to quickly begin building a Flow leveraging sample datasets. This is particularly useful when you want to test Parabola’s data transformation and visualization features, but don’t necessarily want to integrate your live data sources yet.

This step provides both generic data, such as US census and stock market data, as well as data that resembles specific tools like Shopify, ShipHero, Salesforce, and NetSuite.

Using the step

Simply drag a Use sample data step from the Integrations tab of the search bar onto the canvas to immediately begin seeing data in Parabola. Double-click the step to view and modify the sample data that you’re working with.

Sample data options

This step includes both generic datasets as well as tool-specific datasets.

Beyond generic datasets like census and stock market data, the step also includes datasets that resemble what the data will actually look like when you pull it from another system.

For instance, if you select the “Shopify: Orders” sample data, the table returned will actually resemble the Pull from Shopify step’s output.

Next steps

Once you have your sample data loaded up, imagine what you might do if you were working with that data in a spreadsheet. Would you do any filtering? What math calculations might you apply? Do the dates need to be reformatted?

Once you know how you want the data to be transformed, then you can shift focus to what step you need to use to apply that transformation. Check out the Transformations section of the search bar (and search for keywords) to find the right step for the job.

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