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Product overview
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Shared data responsibility

Parabola is responsible for maintaining a secure platform, managing all aspects of the platform to a high, secure, reliable standard. As our customer, you are responsible for using the Parabola platform in a legal and responsible manner.

It is important to understand that as a platform, Parabola has certain attributes that as our customer, you must take into account as you use our platform:

Parabola is data-neutral – we do not know what data you choose to process with with our platform. If our platform can process it, then it will, but there is no inspection or monitoring by Parabola of the underlying data payloads. The Parabola platform does not make any data-based decisions other than following your instructions as you configure the platform to perform your desired operations.

Parabola is also data-agnostic – Parabola will take no action based on the nature of any particular data or its classification. All data is dealt with identically.

If you choose to upload, integrate, create, or otherwise pull in any data to Parabola, you are responsible for ensuring that you have permission to handle that data and to use Parabola to process it, both when you are configuring the platform, and when the platform processes the data on your behalf on the scheduled basis that you have enabled.

If you choose to upload, integrate, create, or otherwise pull in any data that may be subject to additional protection laws that the Parabola platform does not have explicit certification to process (such as HIPAA data), then you do so of your own accord and at your own risk. The use of such data is not endorsed by Parabola.