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Pull from Squarespace

The Pull from Squarespace step pulls data from your Squarespace account via their API.

The Pull from Squarespace step is a beta step. It is a Pull from an API step that has been pre-configured to work with the Squarespace API.

NOTE: Squarespace requires an "Advanced Commerce" plan to pull data from their Commerce API. For additional information, please visit their pricing page.

Connect your Squarespace account

Connecting to the Squarespace API is straightforward. You will need to provide an API Key from your Squarespace account. Head here for instructions from Squarespace on generating an API key.

Once you have your API Key, add it into the step into the Bearer Token field.

If the pull does not bring back all of your data, increase the Max Requests field so that more pages are fetched.

Custom settings

This beta step is pre-configured to pull data in from the Squarespace Orders endpoint. You can update the URL in the API Endpoint URL field if you'd like to access data from a different endpoint. You can view all available endpoints from Squarespace's Commerce API here.

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