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Use Excel file

The Use Excel file step enables you to pull in tabular data from an Excel file.

Custom settings

First, select Click to upload a file.

If your Excel file has multiple sheets, select which one you'd like to use in the dropdown menu for Sheet.

In the Advanced Settings, you may also select to skip rows or columns. This will skip rows from top-down and columns from left-to-right.

Formatted data

Cell data is imported as formatted values from Excel. Dates, numbers, and currencies will be represented as they appear in the Excel workbook, as opposed to their true underlying value.

Enabling unformatted values will import the underlying data from Excel. Most notably, this will show raw numbers without any rounding applied, and will convert dates to Excel's native date format (the number of days since 1900-01-01).

Helpful tips

  • Limitations: this step can't pull in file updates from your computer, so if you make dataset changes and wish to bring them into Parabola, this requires manually uploading the updated Excel file. When you upload an Excel file, all formulas are converted to their value, and formatting is stripped (formatting or formulas are not preserved).
  • Security: the files you upload through this step are stored by Parabola. We store the data as a convenience, so that the next time you open the flow, the data is still loaded into it. Your data is stored securely in an Amazon S3 Bucket, and all connections are established over SSL and encrypted.

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